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Awards Dario D'angelo (Italy) in 2005, José María Porquet of Digital Journalism in 2011, José Couso of Journalism in 2013, Julio Anguita Parrado in 2016 and Prize Cirilo Rodríguez, 2017.

Winner of the following prizes: Dario D’Angelo (Italy) in 2005; José María Porquet for Digital Journalism in 2011; José Couso for Journalism in 2013; Julio Anguita Parrado in 2016 and Cirilo Rodríguez in 2017.

Correspondent in Rome (1995), Moscow (1996-2000), Jerusalem (2005-2006), Beirut (2006-2014), Bangkok (2014-2017) and Shanghai (2017-2019). She has roamed the world as a reporter for 25 years, concentrating on reporting human rights abuses in wartime. She has worked during the conflicts in Chiapas, Chechenia, Georgia, Macedonia, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Iraq civil war, the military incursions against Gaza, and the wars in Lebanon and Syria, among others. She has covered events in North Caucasus, in Central Asia, in the Middle East and the Maghreb, in Southeast Asia and in the Asian Far East.

Her work gave special attention to the war in Chechenia, the US invasion of Iraq, the Israeli offensives in the Gaza Strip and their consequences for the Palestinians, the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon, the terrorist attacks and sectarian violence in Lebanon, the military occupation and sectarian conflict in Iraq, the protests during the Arab Springs, the war in Syria, the crisis of the slave ships in Thailand, the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya community in Burma, the iron dictatorship in North Korea, and the cultural genocide of China against its ethnic minorities.


Award King of Spain Journalism Prize Cirilo Rodríguez , Premio Manuel Leguineche (Spain), three times Award-France Ouest for War Correspondents (France), prix Pierre Bayeux for War Correspondents (France), winner of the Reporters of The World and nobel Prize José Couso of Journalism

Winner of the following prizes: Rey de España for Journalism; Cirilo Rodríguez; Manuel Leguineche (Spain); France Ouest for War Correspondents (France, three times); Pierre Bayeux for War Correspondents (France); Reporteros de El Mundo; José Couso for Journalism

Correspondent in South Africa (1994); in Latin America, based in Mexico City (1995-99); in Africa (1999-2002); in the Middle East, based in Beirut (2002-2014) and in Asia, based in China (2014-2019). He is one of the world’s outstanding war correspondents of his generation. He has covered wars in Angola, Sri Lanka, the first Gulf War, the conflict that dismembered the former Yugoslavia, the genocide in Rwanda, the war between Ecuador and Peru, the conflict in Colombia and the invasion of Haiti.

He has also reported on historic events like the end of apartheid, the invasion and later civil war in Iraq, the conflict in Lebanon, the war in Syria, the many of the incursions into Gaza, and the Arab revolutions between 2011 and 2014.

He has reported in popular protests the changed history, international summits, terrorist attacks that have shaken the world, natural catastrophes and armed conflicts, and in times of peace he has drawn up social reports.


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