The setting

"Our mission is to tell truth to power. We sent home the first draft in raw History.
We can make a difference in exposing the horrors of the war, and in particular atrocities against civilians"
Marie Colvin

This seminar is unique because of its specialized content, the experience of its organizers, and the setting where it is held: a farmhouse decorated with souvenirs from five continents and located in a remote village in the Picos de Europa mountain range.

This isn’t your normal academic setting. It’s a journalistic experience with photo exhibits and videos, along with objects plucked from 20th and 21st-century conflicts and pieces of contemporary history.

We offer total immersion in reporting, with no time for social networking, selfies, parties or free time. Classes, debates, video projections and conversation will occupy the six days of the seminar.

The mountain house will be a school, residence and dining room, with everything included. And the ample surrounding grounds will be the scene of theoretical and practical activities. It is hoped that students take part in all of them.

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